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Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Scamming in SM Malls

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company is at SM Malls Nationwide

Beware of ladies in green long sleeves and guys in ties who ask you in SM Malls nationwide if you have credit cards. Your initial reaction would be yes as you want to get rid of them thinking that they will offer you some credit cards but think again before you try to brush them off because they will actually bug you more once you say yes! These people work for PPLIC or the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, formerly Family First Insurance, then changed to Danvil Insurance and eventually PPLIC.

Once they know that you have a credit card, ATM card, checkbook or any proof that you have some money that could take away from you, they will be persistent in inviting you over their office by enticing you with their freebies.

If you happen to have seen them in the past and decided to ignore them, please continue to do so. If in any case you're curious as to what they could offer, I would suggest you to go past through them, stay away from these vultures and go on with your peaceful life. Trust me, your life is way better off them. 

Freebies to Lure You Into Listening to their "45-minute" Company Presentation

Once the people in PPLIC or Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company know that you have credit cards, ATM, checkbook or some hefty cash on hand, they would tell you that you qualify for a raffle stub for a chance to win $10,000, Honda Car and any of their freebies (e.g tumbler, pillow, umbrella, wall clock) which you can claim in their office and committing to a 45-minute presentation. Whether it be for our Filipino nature of being easily enticed with freebies or being too polite, you might have easily gave in to their invitation and walked into their spacious office which typically have a receiving area, a reception who would ask you who invited you over, a flat-screen television and once you enter their "presentation room" filled with table for 3 and presenters who must have just graduated from college, you know that you've just gotten yourself into trouble.

The truth is, these people would only sell you some endowment saving scheme and wouldn't get rid of you until you'd say yes. It doesn't matter how much time it would take but they definitely try all they can to get you. They are probably the most accommodating people that you will ever meet. They'd shake hands with you, offer you a drink (iced tea or water), and introduce you to a presenter who would talk with you one-on-one about your dreams, about the uncertainty of the future and the importance of saving.

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Wants Your Money

It's a one big fat lie if they told you at the very beginning that you won't have to pay or buy anything in exchange of their freebies (because after all, freebies are supposed to be given for free). After they'd get you into some serious conversation about what are your goals in life, they'd tell you about the importance for preparing for the future and the powers of saving. Of course all of these would be beneficial for you and your future, until they start offering you about their Endowment saving plan.

Savings and Free Insurance with 

Who wouldn't want to save an get a free insurance? 

Wow, just another freebie from a company "who wouldn't ask you to buy anything". 

It's funny that they don't sell an insurance when it's plastered all over their name that they are an insurance company. All throughout the presentation, the presenter will keep on emphasizing that they are not selling you any insurance but they would encourage you to save. 

Save Yourself from the PPLIC Vultures of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company

Do yourself a favor of excusing yourself from the presentation. Forget about all the politeness as the PPLIC sales agents will start promoting their company, how long they've been and established in the business and all the rubbish.

Do Not Let Your Money Get Swiped by Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company

Never let anyone swipe your ATM or Credit Card whatever their reasons may be as this will give them access to your funds once they would manage to get you sign a Continuous Billing Form. The people at PPLIC are very good when it comes to utilizing various strategies so they could get many Filipinos around the world, especially the OFW's, to invest or save with their company.

Trained to Lure, Fool and Force People

The sales people at Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company were trained to lure the unsuspecting and they'll do all they can just to reach their quotas. They'll try all the persuasions they can just to have you sign up and purchase a policy which at first they explain that you're simply saving some money and earning a tax free interest.

Once they feel that you're not the type who would easily give in to the result that they want you to do, they'd apply their most effective selling tactics by convincing, coercing to the point of telling you lies and finding some common ground.

They'd ask you about your family, what are your plans for the future, your financial security and the list goes on. I could tell you more about their tactics but either you, your friend, your relative or someone you know must have already experienced it so I would tell you more on how you could get a refund of your money if you eventually have fallen into their trap.

Cancelling Your Policy with Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company and Getting a Refund

Note that you can easily get a refund as soon as you get your policy with them cancelled. Some people had their policy cancelled within 24 hours, and yes, it's possible! Don't get easily bullied or fooled again by the PPLIC agents or managers telling you that cancelling your policy with them won't allow you to get a full refund. That's simply another big fat lie!

For Those Who Use Credit Cards to Pay for the Endowment/Insurance Policy (or Savings with Free Insurance, whatever you call it, it doesn't change the fact that they're scammers!)

1. Go to the branch where you got your policy and submit a Letter of Cancellation stating your reason for doing so. Again, the sooner you have the policy cancelled, the soon you will get your refund.

2. Have your cancellation letter received by the manager and get a copy of the said letter. Make sure that you keep a copy of all the documents that you surrendered and let them sign the document as they receive so you will have a proof that they actually received it.

3. Request for a new Statement of Account which states, "Canceled upon inception". 
You will also receive a letter of confirmation that your policy has been cancelled (as per requested on your letter of cancellation) several days after the documents have been forwarded to their main office (especially for those who are in the provincial areas). 

4. File a dispute report to your Credit Card Company and attach the Statement of Account and Cancellation Letter. This will ensure that the amount would not be credited to your bill.

For Those Who Paid through Debit Card (ATM) or Cash

You simply need to follow almost the same procedures except the fourth step. Instead, you will need to withdraw all the money you have left on the account but do not let the account close! (You will need it because it is where they would refund or charge back your money). 

In my case, my ATM card is where my payroll is so it's kinda difficult to control the cashflow income in the ATM account unless I try to talk with our accounting department about putting my salary on hold as to prevent the PPLIC from deducting monthly premiums from my account anymore. If you're not into such situation, then you would only need to wait 30-45 working days to get your money refunded to your account or charged back to your credit card account. 

Be Warned and Warn Others

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are unaware of the modus operandi of the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC) or formerly Family First and Danvil Insurance. Everyday, different sets of people walk inside the SM Malls and others do not have ideas of this scamming scheme yet. It is therefore your responsibility to share this with anyone you know and warn them about what those amicable ladies in green and guys in tie claiming to give freebies. The easiest way to avoid people from getting duped is to share this article with anyone you know. You know who might fall into their trap. It could be your uncle, your aunt, or your mom. Please warn everyone you know about the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance insurance scam.

Philippines Prudential Life Insurance has returned or credited my money back to my debit card today! (July 10, 2010) after 25 days!


  1. Thank you for posting this. Last Sunday, my friend and I were lured into listening to their "45-minute" meeting (that was actually more than 5 hours) to "introduce their company" (a.k.a. force you to avail their free insurance). I'm still angry at them. They are inconsiderate people!!! When I said no to the first person I talked to (whose name was Rico) a manager approached me and told me she will just going to evaluate Rico's presentation but she continued the salestalk. I still refused and another one approached. All in all, 5 people tried to convince me and wasted my time.

    I did not avail of their insurance though I am still frustrated about what happened. Five hours was wasted from my only vacant day. I told them to eff off and get a life and I left.

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  3. hi. is it still possible to cancel the account with PPLIC even though the account was registered last July but the start of monthly payment will still be this November?
    I really wanted to cancel this. thank God I came across this site. Hope to hear from you soon, because I really want to cancel the account I made with them and have my money refunded.

    Thank you.

  4. i was one of the victim of this people just yesterday! but they did not get anything from me.. i did not eat or drink anything that they offer.. hehehe.. i know there are other ways to have IPON.. that what i remember and also the TODAY.. my goodness!!!

  5. I had the same experience with the first commenter! Beware of these people........they are now in provincial cities. They have victims everyday. They are Ketkai mall in Cagayan de Oro. Their office is at the 4th floor of ketkai tower.

  6. I have heard about this scam from friends and got warned as I was looking for insurance policy those days. I was about to contact them but got all the information in advance, and I was saved. I did thanked to all those who informed me.
    employers liability insurance

  7. did you get full refund? i want to cancel my policy but i am afraid that i will not get full refund.

    thanks for this article.

  8. Thanks for the write-up. I was there yesterday at SM Cebu and they invited me. I was just too curious about their company. The 45minutes became almost two hours because I did not give in to their offer. The lady/employee named Ruf got irritated with me. She coerced me and even telling me that why not save instead of spending. I told her that I already had lots of it and I gave her an example that if I could not buy in a certain mall what I am looking for so I can look for it in another place. I meant that I could save in other means than through them. I was telling her that I have to talk it over with my husband who is working abroad. She was holding her temper and so do I. I did not really give in to her, so I really said a big NO. She thought that I could be easily persuaded by their offer. I could not just accept it at face value, all the statements she showed me. I am an accountant and I know what she was telling me were lies.

  9. can i get refund of all the payments I made though i've been paying for 9 months?

  10. I just like to confirm about the new statement of account "canceled upon inception". Can we get it from PPLIC right there and then upon submitting the cancellation letter? I have mine cancelled the next day, coz I feel so uneasy, restless why I gave in so easily and let them charged to my credit card the large amount. What I worry so much now is it will take them 30 days to process my request to reverse the transaction (when it took them just seconds to swipe the amount to my credit card), and the posting of BDO is after 14 days. I wanted the BDO to hold the posting of the amount to my bill. Do you think it's possible? thanks - (email me)

  11. NEED HELP!! biktima din po ako sa scam na yan,gusto ko din mabawi ang pera ko amouting almost 20 thousand PLEASE HELP ME!!

    SALLY D.

  12. Need Help too..Latest victim din po ako. Please HELP


  14. cguro icheck nalang natin sa Insurance Commision if they are really true or just a scammers! wala naman cgurong mawawala if we will inquire their status or stability. we can contact their head office para din mag inquire!

    If they are scammers or not, who knows db!

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  17. beware of this scammers! they are like psychos, they would first analyze your personality, and then the interrogation starts in which they would force you to buy there fucking insurance, heck insurance isn't something you can decide easily in just an 45mins. Anyway i drank alot of there free iced tea haha, and then gave them a No freaking way!! im outta here bastards attitude! ahaha

  18. i used to work as a telemarketer with this company. text brigade ang tawag nila sa ganyan

    Good day. Your REWARDS and PRIVILEGES for Free are still here in our office.You need to claim your Rewards and Privileges as soon as possible to avoid forfeiture. For further information you may call:
    from 9am to 6pm and look for Ms. Malou for assistance. Thank you.

    credit card lang talaga ang habol jan sa ganyan na offers. telemarketers are paid for "shows with card" meaning, di sila babayaran kapag nakapagdala sila ng client na walang card... the rate for a "show" is 50php for the first show, 100 for 2nd, 150 for third and so on for a day. pagkatapos nun they will have .14% commission for any sales na nagawa ng sales officer inside the mall. they will use all of the trickery they know para makuha nila ang credit card at magkasales. stay away from this company...

    1. It’s sad na hanggang ngayon, nangyayari pa rin ang ganitong panloloko. Kahapon lang, sa Robinsons Place Ermita, na-ambush din ako ng agent ng PPLIC. Di naman ako bumili ng insurance plan nila pero nabother ako at nalako ako into swiping my ATM Card into their machine to “check my balance”. Gabi na noong narealize ko ang aking stupidity. Unsafe nang lumabas ng bahay at magcheck ng balance sa ATM. I’m just praying now na di nabawasan ang pera doon.

      Dahil sa frustration ko na wala akong magagawa until sumikat ang araw, gumawa tuloy ako ng Facebook Page entitled FIGHT PPLIC! I hope it gains a lot of attention para matigil na ang panloloko nila.

  19. Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back. Thanks!

    Aaron Grey

  20. o my god honestly na biktima din ako today ng PPLIC na yan sabi nla i tsetsek lang daw muna nla sa bank ko kung papayagan ng bank ko ang insurance na yan den nagulat nlng ako at pinapindot nla ang pin ko then mas lalo ako nagulat nung nakita ko nabawasan na nila ng 6000php ang savings ko so wala na ako nagawa at nagpalakpakan na sila at magpasalamat sakin pls. help me nman how to make cancelation letter hanggang ngaun hindi pa ako maka move-on sa pangyayari..

    1. me too, hanggang ngaun bother din ako.. marerefund pa kaya yun.. may mga nagsasabe hindi na mababawi. its true po ba.. nakakalungkot may mga taopa rin na kapwa Pilipino ang binibiktima nila...

  21. My 2 Additional Savings Plan and Educationall Policy Plan for my son was fully paid but Berkely's Family First Inc. and Danvil Insurance in cahoots with Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company has terminated my contract last March 25, 2013 without informing me... Because Berkely and Daniel Villanueva the beneficiary of the Group Insurance Pre-Need Plan has under the table dealings with their rider and reciever PPLIC... I went to their office last week....They told me I won't get anything not a peso or full refund of my hard-earned O.F.W. Money ... They advised me to file a complain with the High Insurance Commission of the Philippines...

    Scams for the Filipinos, by the Filipinos: Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Scamming in.

    Filipinos being scammed online and offline. Place to report incidents and programs that fool Filipinos into investing their hard-earned money into both online and offline scams. Warn others about schemes and programs by the Filipinos, for the Filipinos. Expose establishments and organizations

    They're debiting every month in my bank account since the late 90's for my FAMILY PROTECTOR PLAN until January 2013 and stopped it making my plan not en force anymore even if I already have the 2 Certificates of Full Payment with me It's so unfair, it's bank robbery , masss deception, scam and swindling! They've cancelled and terminated my Insurance Policy & son's educational plan worth more than half a million with its maturity due in 2015 and 2016!

    I am hoping for your prompt action regarding these matters with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thank you very much, Mr. President Noynoy Aquino for investigating these matter. Please stop these scams and uncrupulous agents and insurance companies from profitting and running away with the OFWs hard-earned money!

    Sincerely Yours,
    Tina Marie Uy - Flauta

  22. It reminds me of the day I went back to cancel my plan to which i ended up downgrading it to the lowest unit. It took me 2 hours trying to be firm with my cancellation and equally being convinced by 1st the manager, followed by another woman and lastly by the supervisor. Then the 3 came all together stop me... to which i find the 15-day lock in period so useless..

    They tell you "you accepted the plan last night in the 1st place, why are you cancelling? If you did not like it, you should have left early, but you waited and agreed to it, did you read all the negative comments about this company?, etc..."

    I felt soo bad with how they could bully you indirectly. Why was it so difficult for them to say, ok if that's your decision, we RESPECT you...

    I dont plan to pay any of the monthly dues anymore.. if they were real, i'll just let the money generate interest for 15 YEARS!! @@ i hope they are real~ for the sake of those who gave in and lured and those who have startted paying.

    They actually call me once and a while but i either hang up or dont pick up..
    Theyare so hateful and deceitful

    Let's be careful next time...

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  24. Guys, I saw an article that would explain the side of Philippine Prudential regarding this matter. Maybe, you'll consider reading this post: The Last Filibuster-Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Scammer.

  25. I also saw a post regarding the President's message to Philippine Prudential's anniversary. Does this insurance scam here in the Philippines for real?

  26. these scammers should be sentenced to death


  28. Guys. . I need your help!
    Hi i have question. Does the processing of cancelled policy only take effect after the 15days free look period. I take the policy last april 15,2016 . And they say that They could only process my cancellation on April 30,2016. Is that really their protocol?

  29. Guys, pakisagot,

    Pwede pa ba irefund pag nkabayad ka na ng 1 year premium? Tsaka buo pa ba ang marerefund mo? Salamat!

  30. Guys, pakisagot,

    Pwede pa ba irefund pag nkabayad ka na ng 1 year premium? Tsaka buo pa ba ang marerefund mo? Salamat!

    1. Same here, more than a year na yong peso builder ko. nakahanap kaba ng paraan marefund? please advise.